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69 calibre, and built by the armories of Springfield and Harpers Ferry from 1844. We stock a full range of muzzleloading supplies, including bullet starters, cappers, cleaning gear, flasks, and more. OK West Street Antiques are a specialist percussion pistol dealers. 1807 - Percussion-detonating principle patented. LAWRENCE HALF STOCK PERCUSSION TARGET RIFLE. 65 caliber London back action locks authentic  percussion box lock pocket pistol with engraved frame folding trigger Pocket Flintlock Pistol, Sale On, Pistols, foliate engraved box-lock action, tang and trigger guard engraved en-suite Lot 67 William Ashton underhammer pistol, caliber, with walnut saw handle bag grips and a brass back strap, octagonal to round  5 Feb 2017 Miller SxS percussion shotgun, back action locks, 12 gauge, 33” barrels, All items are as is, no warranty or claims and All SALES ARE FINAL. This will expose the trigger group. The stock is great quality walnut, with grain carefully chosen for strength through the wrist. The breech has an engraved boar's head with two encircling platinum bands and a platinum blow out plug on the nipple bolster. It's the Jaco back action design. One can literally make rhythm out of a stick hitting another wooden surface. All the internal parts of the rifle are in fine condition, with no obvious wear. This gun has the fine distinction of resting in the collection of Cyril Adams of Texas. With G. The hammer has a half-cock safety position. The butt with Ordnance stamps and dated “1858”. Pennsylvania style full length stocked rifle with twinset triggers, ramrod, brass accents and patchbox. 5" repaired tang, half-stocked with bottom rib, double keyed. 50 cal. Overall length: 53 inch. - Percussion-cap guns are in general use. World-class accuracy and unmatched reliability on-game are just two of the many reasons our handloading customers demand Core-Lokt® Ultra Bonded bullets. Extremely fast lock time, late developed style of lock  #795A BRUNSWICK STYLE PERCUSSION RIFLE, 30" bbl. 6lbs 10oz. Single set triggers. 38 cal, 30'' octagon barrel with an oxidized bore. both of these pistols have, finely rifled barrels with good bores. The ramrod guides, trigger guard Sale. We have a large range of percussion pistols for sale online in the UK. The barrel has been rebrowned and there appers to have been a repair to the hammer spur. Nock of London . See more ideas about Pocket pistol, Percussion cap and Hand guns. TP0604 Mainspring - Percussion Back Action (Left Hand 3. The R. Includes a wood ramrod. It is hollow within, but closed off to the outside (revolvers don’t need Black Powder Percussion Cap Pistols. The locks are complete with all the parts. Normally, there is a threaded tube that fits into the barrel’s firing chamber horizontally. Walnut straight hand stock with steel heel plate and a silver escutcheon… £1,895 US$2,207/€2,038. S. Laux in the 1944, with 41 1/2" round steel barrel with a 1 in 48 twist, back lock & hammer, brass triggerguard & buttplate, forend cap is pewter, double trigger, smooth wood stock, wood ramrod, front thin blade sight, custom rear sight, gun used. Louis, New York, California, Ohio, England and Belgium. The entire piece looks to have been blacksmith or custom made and has no markings on it anywhere that I can see as to who made it or country of origin. LOP 14 ½ inches . You can see the nipple sticking up from the tube that projects from the barrel and the hammer does the work. "J. Ancell, Robert 11 gauge Side by Side The percussion lock is the best there is, with fly on tumbler for set trigger. Egg at the tail in script. L & R Back-Action Percussion Lock. This one is from the late early to mid 1800's and is a back lock percussion handgun. Military round, tapered barrel, held by keys, military grade walnut stock, back action lock, brass furniture including patch box, sling swivels, all in kit form. Gauge Muzzle Loading Percussion Double Barrel SxS Side by Side Shotgun, Antique arrow_back Return To All Sold Items arrow_back Return To Sold Fine European Arms LSB#: 150211GT01 pondevaux , model: dueling pistol , caliber: 70 cal percussion , pair of french percussion pistols. This lock can be modified for flint use. Place the lock on a partially opened vice, inside face down, so that the jaws of the vice are open slightly wider than the tumbler, and the lock plate is sitting flat on the top of the jaws. A 46 bore percussion travelling pistol with back-action lock signed “Kavanagh”, full walnut stock with silver escutcheon, chequered fish-tail butt, engraved trigger-guard,stirrup ramrod and a 5 inch round sighted barrel inscribed ‘Dublin’ and struck with Dublin census mark DC-457. . Home · About · Investigations · Video · Detective Techniques · For Educators · Contact Us · Buy the DVD. Lot 192 of 566: A 13-BORE PERCUSSION SPORTING GUN, 30. Cal. Sale 5963 barrel, and signed back-action lock; and TWO ITALIAN 10. A close up of the percussion lock. Model 1842 Muskets Made At Harpers Ferry And Springfield Armorys With The Exception Of The lock - The French Model Uses A "Back Action Lock" Meaning Shop online for black powder guns and supplies at Hinterland Outfitters, including black powder rifles, pistols, revolvers and bullets. C— Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio, 1866-69. Take the best that exists and make it better. 38 cal Gorgeous 19th Century . $619. Produced in . Best Prices, Free Shipping, Expert Advice! The Pedersoli™ Coach Gun comes in a 12 gauge with a #11 percussion cap During this period many of these shortened shotguns featured both main spring locks and the back action locks. Available in left or right hand. Buffalo Arms is closed on the Following Holidays so that our employees can spend time with their families: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and The Day After, Christmas Eve (Open until 12:00 p. All were single barrel pistols with back action percussion locks, typically . Deringer-style, Bird's head grip with a sharply checkered butt. NSN. was founded in 1959. These little Deringer built pistols were immensely popular. There is a right and a left-hand lock. This small, percussion, back action lock is great for all styles Oct 26, 2014 · Back action percussion locks became common toward the mid 19th century. 14 1/2" moderately figured wood to black butt plate. Percussion lock with floral engraving and a flash guard. Its first guns were cap-and-ball revolvers that were used in centennial reenactments of the Civil War. Top flat of barrel marked CRAIG MUSGRAVE PITTSBURGH. Sterling" Damascus barrels 29" long with brass foresight. m. 20” tapered round – 1. Design produces a very short but powerful stoke. (A Traditions Firearms Distributor) Phone:(205)533-8595. Soon, percussion ignition replaced flint, and then, rather quickly, percussion was replaced by the self Back-Action Percussion Half-Stock Rifle 1850s JMD-10572 This is a half-stock Kentucky rifle with a walnut stock and a back-action percussion lock. Cocker Glasgow Half Stock, Percussion Cap, Back Action Lock Rifle, octagonal barrel measures 31 1/8" long and is not rifled, overall length of rifle is 49 1/2" long. Script initials on barrel of late Kentucky . This lock exactly matches our right hand back action percussion lock. Apr 11, 2017 · WHAT CAUSES A CAP TO JAM THE ACTION OF A PERCUSSION COLT. Back Action locks are extremely fast and are often used on competition, squirrel, and light-weight boy’s rifles. Buffalo Arms Co. Flintlock & Percussion Antique Long Guns · Cartridge Antique Long Guns · U. The pistol was better than expected and looked great tucked into my waist sash. Note that the retractable sling is missing from the stock. In 1839, the Russian military adopted the percussion ignition system and by the early The new design retained the French-style back action lock of the earlier of 19th century Russian arms for sale and this is one of the more intriguing ones  Sale type: Trade. I know that the Earle/Wesson long range action uses a modified english style back action lock modified with a hammer to drive the firing pin, as does the Sharps and any number of others that were transition arms form precision to cartridge Description: Pennsylvania Half stock Antique Percussion Fowler 20 Ga smoothbore Shotgun Marked Warranted on the Back action side Lock. There is a little pitting to the barrels and the steel parts have some wear and pitting. The trigger can be fired set or not-set, works either way. Used primarily on the hardware store line of guns, these locks did, however, show up on some better pieces in the mid-to-late 1800′s. Back Action locks are extremely fast and are often used on competition, squirrel, and light-weight boy's rifles. Commercially manufactured, plain, back-action percussion lock/mechanism with dark, smooth, untouched surfaces and its original components. Finally, remove the hammer and tumbler. 40 Flintlock Pistol (Black Powder) (R/H) - S/H The rifle is stocked in typical halfstock form and has no provision for a ramrod, making it clearly designed for bench shooting. , The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. This type of lock was often found on late era "hardware store" lines of guns but hav. An interesting 20 ga Full, and Full choked with 30 1/2" barrels, and relatively clean bores for a 19th century shotgun. mapex chrome double braced hi hat stand with memory lock & clutch in great condition. LAWRENCE" 4-5" forward of breech with "CAST STEEL" mark close to breech. The bolster is equipped with a clean-out screw and there is a vacant dovetail in the bottom of the barrel 1" back from muzzle, likely for a muzzle rest. 42 Caliber? Plug Gage 0. Back action pinfire locks The Model 1842 Musket was a percussion lock musket, bored in . Go back in time and experience the excitment of shooting from days gone by; these guns are accurate for hunting and target shooting, and will open up a great new sport the whole family can enjoy. Scroll back action is coin finished, game scene engraved and includes cocking indicators. Mechanically, the rifle is in fine condition with crisp, strong action. Polished full stock woodwork. If it doesn't exist, create it. New The caplock mechanism, percussion lock, or cap and ball was the successor of the flintlock mechanism in firearm technology, and used a percussion cap struck   BACKACTION PERCUSSION LOCK, LEFT HAND from L & R. This appears to be a flintlock converted to percussion and of American Manufacture The gun is in good condition and the quality of workmanship is good also. Round body back action with niter blued lock plates and hammers. It also has a German silver blade front sight, a full buckhorn rear sight with fancy base, double set triggers, and iron furniture. French M1842 Percussion Gendarme Pistol. with an overall length of 47. See Photos! Buyer pays $15. The Back Action Locks. 700 cal 40 inch polished barrel. Sterling, scroll engraved bar action locks with game scene signed "J. A copy of the Jackson Arms Catalog 26 from 1973 and documents concerning the sale of the rifle are included. , brass buttplate,  All are ON SALE at any time, whether as a rough kit, assembled in the white, Back action percussion lock but Hawken patent breeches, two ramrods- one for  Please contact us by phone or by email sales@oldguns. About . 00 shipping. smoothbore, percussion back action lock, bayonet lug on right side of bbl. 5 mm calibre, rough bore with good rifling, the top with maker's signature. (S58) 12 bore percussion single sporting gun, 32½ ins two stage brown damascus barrel, platinum line inlay, brass mounted wooden ramrod, steel back action lock inscribed Arnold Tavistock, steel furniture, steel butt plate Categories: Antique weapons It has a 3. 5" to 6", and the hardware was commonly a copper-nickel alloy known as "German silver". This Thompson Center manufactured late variation percussion lock assembly with low spur hammer is fo. 410 double shotgun : . It would also be of great help to your understanding if you read this FAQ with a lock in hand and cycled it, maybe even disassembled it, as you read. Matching serial number present on back strap, trigger guard and frame. We will use this scan of the internal view of the percussion lock as we make our way though the discussion. Burns" for Jim Burns. 10 Sep 2018 - Small concealable flintlock handguns that were carried in the pocket, sleeve or lady's muff - variously known as pocket pistols, muff pistols, travel pistols, overcoat pistols. Made in Pittsburg, PA in the 1850's-60's. Curly maple stock with traces of original black piano finish. E. Increase Muzzle Loading Rifle Parts: Antique Right Hand Back Action Percussion Lock TN RESIDENTS WILL BE CHARGED 9% STATE SALES TAX. Overall 25. SIEGFRIED. Dual compartment patch box made at the arsenal in Nepal. Caplock Pistols—The Percussion System. , 75 cal. Mark of ownership stamped upon arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Around 1,000 back actions were produced. Siegling, William C. Bore measures . Approximately . Feb 12, 2019 · 16 Bore Back Action Percussion Holster Pistol, lock engraved Williams & Powell, browned octagonal barrel, foliate engraved brass trigger guard, rounded grip, swivel ramrod. Back Action Lock Lock located on side of stock where mainspring extends in back of hammer. " SIEGLING, W. 50 Caliber Percussion Rifle. I’m in the process of making a percussion lock, using files, hand saw, dremel, and some scrap metal that I had laying around. As you mentioned, the barrel is marked with an Irish Registration Act #, with "EC" being East Cork. Our Price: $145. 004 back bore to be mirror. A must when preparing items for treatment. £650 US$757/€699. 50-caliber, percussion rifle has a deep-blued, 1-in 48" twist rifled barrel. The action appears tight and locks open solidly. From the Gun makers. 5" brass barrel, a percussion lock action, and a hardwood grip. View Cart / Checkout Wish List Login You have 0 item s in your cart. 9008 FOR CIRCA 1823 Converted from flintlock, with two-stage sighted barrel signed 'JOHN MANTON & SON DOVER STREET', signed flat engraved lock, figured walnut half-stock, iron mounts (some replaced) including original serial numbered scrolled trigger-guard, silver escutcheon, and An interesting percussion box lock pocket pistol, converted from flint lock, the action signed 'Southall of London', 1 1/2" barrel, approx 50 bore, slab side walnut grip. This muzzle-loading firearm features an approximately . Aurora Eastwood; Jones patent rotary underlever, carved percussion fence, rebounding back-action lock For sale is an antique percussion rifle manufactured by Conestoga Rifle Works which was owned by H. Strongly opposed by most sportsmen and manufacturers at first, the Nov 24, 2014 · From pairs of Purdeys to percussion pistols: Holt’s Sale. For the safety of our warehouse team, we are running at reduced capacity, but we hope to be back to normal shipping by early-April. Percussion lock works fine. Barrel length: 36. Percussion Lock, Bridle Removed. for sale by Hylidae Enterprises on GunsAmerica - 973902029 J Cooper Remington Percussion Rifle . The heart of the action of the lock is the tumbler (F). Taylor it was Manton who got there first. The boxlock action is a hammerless action of a type commonly used in double-barreled shotguns, dating back to 1875. Flintlocks lasted a remarkably long time, but they were eventually replaced by a lock and ignition system called the percussion cap. 45. 00. 00 Compare. Would also be good on a side-by-side double gun! In 1837 the first French percussion military arms were issued for field trials, and in 1840, the percussion system was officially accepted by the French with the adoption of the M-1840 “back action” lock percussion musket. Barrel Lug - Late Variation - 1 1/16" Long - Original. Rifle was most likely manufactured in the 1850 -1860s. A good percussion double barrel sporting by J. Percussion instruments are the most ancient instruments of all, and were present in the early tribal days of nearly every civilization. Fine bore. According to "Maine Made Guns and Their Makers" by Dwight Demeritt, William Lawrence deeded a 1/2 interest & Albert G . Left flat of bbl. Please check back regularly as we often have Percussion Revolvers for sale, Rigby of Dublin Back Action Pistol with Swivel Rod and Trap 1853 EIC Pattern Percussion Cavalry Pistol but fitted with an ENFIELD marked lock dated 1844. For Sale. Colt Navy,Colt Army and American Civil War Revolvers, Pepperbox Revolvers and Pinfires. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1903 PAPER AD Percussion Front Back Action Gun Lock Powder Flask Shot Pouch at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products! Westley Richards 16 Ga. A percussion rifle, Sauer und Sohn in Suhl, circa 1850 Octagonal rifled barrel in 12. A Boxlock or a Sidelock are types of gun with certain features, this article looks at these features in terms of Side by Side shotguns. Benenson Esq. 40 caliber rifled barrel and 53 ½” overall with a 38 ½” barrel of medium weight. Drum world, right adjustable tom mount & lock. Scarce Nepalese Sharps rifle in very collectible condition! (Ref. Our Brunswick rifles date from the earlier back action design. Looking Back at Shotgun History. Back action lock marked, "Bown & Tetly Warranted Pittsburgh" (American) | Full stock long rifle, approximately . An antique percussion lock shotgun. $3200: MERKEL, SUHL, BLE, 147 E, 3", 28" choked IC/Mod. Price  Plate measures 5" x 1 1/16" in right hand only. Barrel is impressed "Cocker Glasg" just forward of the breach. Patent breechblock and tang engraved and with dioptre holder, back-action percussion lock, set trigger (setting screw missing). 6lbs 4oz. 25inch two-stage sighted barrel, plain back action lock, half-stocked with steel and white metal mounts, brass-capped wooden ramrod. Item: IK- 214584. co. Heavy octagonal barrel with a seven-groove rifled bore in 12 mm calibre, with patent breechblock, and dovetailed iron sights. Removed the lock and completely disassembled, pulled off the hammer and put it in a vise. A few When the lock was converted to percussion, the pan, frizzen and spring were useless and discarded, but the flintlock plate remained, thus the presence of a flintlock lock plate on a percussion weapon, means that it was made prior to 1816. DI TORINO, DATED '1850' Converted from flintlock, sighted barrel dated at the breech (date of conversion); together with AN ITALIAN (PIEMONTESE) 17mm PERCUSSION SERVICE MUSKET, EARLY 19TH CENTURY, converted from flintlock, the flat bevelled lock with partial signature 'PIHET. $2200 A Uberti, Srl. Wolf, Duff and Co Pittsburgh, Pa percussion lock controlled by double set triggers. What You Have Is A Model 1842 French . If you don't find the Classic Black Powder Muzzleloader you are looking for, we can usually restock and ship within the week at our great low prices. 35mm VETTERLI  Please Note: All prices include the hammer price plus the buyer's premium, which is paid by The prices noted here after the auction are considered unofficial and do not become There is no SN on this gun on back of bbl breech where SN is typically found; This firm also produced a muzzle loading percussion carbine. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons. Captivated ramrod. LOUIS" marked on top of the barrel, a scroll engraved back action lock, scroll engraving on the German silver furniture, a running deer inlay on the cheekpiece, and double set triggers. I can't find any information on 19th Century Long Rifle | Barrel marked, "J. Three-day inspectio A nicely designed and executed mid century carbine much resembling the English Brunswick rifle including the back action percussion lock. Originally adopted in 1837 using a back-action percussion system, which was updated in 1847 to a percussion side lock system, and then surpassed in 1853 with the adoption of the P-1853 Percussion Rifled Musket, which became the standard for the entire British Military. Price: $2. The only visible markings are "HENRY PARKER/WARRANTED" and some game scene patterns on the antique lock. Fortunately, our rythm-making abilities (or at least tools) have improved dramatically as a society. Front Action Lock Lock located on side of stock where mainspring extends in front of hammer. There is some lovely engraving on the plate and hammer, including a hunter and some ducks or geese in flight. Plate measures 5" x 1 1/16" in right hand only. Smoothbore. 75 inch. Price: $2,795. Oval nickel silver insets on cheek piece and wrist. Apr 08, 2009 · “Hi guys. Davide Pedersoli & C is production historical guns for sale, historical firearms and gun accessories About us · Back ground · Mission · Job offers · Survey Hole in hole accuracy of the new Pedersoli 1854 Lorenz rifle Our new double flintlock shotgun: Our new 1886 Lever Action rifles: Our new . Beautiful well striped curly maple stock . Stock is 24” in length with a 2 ¼” drop and a 14 ½” trigger pull. Otherwise, this is a nice looking blackpowder revolver that can be used for informal target shooting with your black powder buddies or used in the blackpowder categories of Over at Homegunsmith, Bismarck shows us all how it's done. The back action went into production in 1868 and the front action in 1870. Used primarily on the hardware store line of guns, these locks did, however, show up on some better pieces in the mid-to-late 1800's. 30" barrels and back action locks engraved with dogs  They were a very well known maker of Flintlock and Percussion Rifles up until 1849. Distributors of black powder muzzle loader and cartridge loading firearms, accessories, kits, cannons, and conversion cylinders. There is an interesting article on the origin of these rifles. (Act of March 8, 1797, General Assembly. Back action Henry Parker lock with double set triggers (one lathe turned), which function fine. It was developed by Anson and Deeley, based on the earlier Westley Richards action. Apr 20, 2010 · Percussion Lock or Caplock Mechanism So far, we've covered firing mechanisms all the way to the flintlock . 47 caliber, 3. We offer singles and pairs from the New Word, Old World, and Asia, from pocket pistols to duelers to horsemans and everything in between. M. The Model 1842 is notable for being the first US musket to have fully interchangeable parts, as well as being the last musket produced with a smoothbore barrel. Another improvement was made by Wilbur Parker in the lifter action in 1874 and again in 1875. Swivel breech double rifles require a back action lock mechanism. Davis Company is a retailer in historical reproductions and has been one of the leaders in manufacturing muzzleloading firearm components, including locks, triggers, mounts, and accessories for over 30 years. Back action lock strongly marked 'Mre. This type lock, back action, came on line in the early 1840's but you don't see this lock on Southern muzzleloaders as this one surely is too often. Vorel 78500 Replacement Lock Galvanised for The Cy . Back action lock possibly made by Spies who was a rifle maker. 50 Caliber Percussion Golcher Rifle | This James Golcher Philadelphia half-stock rifle features a back action lock, tangent rear sight, checkered wrist, brass patch box, and Menu About . 1830 - The back action lock appears. This is an early, 1870 G. Barrel length varied from 1. 30 Caliber | Mid 19th century | Walnut stocks, brass trigger guard, butt plate, patch box, escutcheon, and fore-end tip. . Bright finish, checkered walnut stock with horn forend cap. Make: David Farrow. Carved walnut full stock with a horn nose cap and checkered grip. 1825 ca. This barrel has a patina look, Bore is rusted, Original rear tang sight base is attached but is broken, Original Stock does have cracks, And a chip towards the rear left side. marked "WM. 41" rifled bores, and walnut stocks. 660 Vermeer Court Ponderay, ID 83852. 100 euro and double action revolving Rifle with octagonal Damascus steel rifled Barrel. The success enjoyed by the “back action” style and the single trigger originally produced by Baker in London enabled us to produce this side by side shotgun with 700 mm (27 9 / 16 ”) and 725 mm (28 9 / 16 ”) barrels. 75", very good condition, single action, Manufactured in 1897 having all standard features with hard rubber checkered grip panels that show almost no wear. The percussion nipple is somewhat worn. A Holland & Holland-type Bar Action Sidelock removed from a gun. With re-browned twist sighted barrel signed along the breech flat (signature refreshed), recessed breech with threaded plug in the bolster, long tang, signed back-action lock, figured half-stock (split opposite the lock, butt chipped on one side at the heel) with chequered grip, plain russet steel mounts, horn fore-end cap, and original horn-tipped ramrod (tip chipped), London proof marks The . Called “back action” because the mainspring hangs behind the tumbler, this lock was popular on percussion guns made in St. This rifle retains provisions for the pellet primer system used on percussion rifles, and has a push-button lever lock on the lower tang. This pistol is about 70 to 72 caliber smoothbore and has an octagonal barrel. ----- "Hi guys. Deluxe wood used, very finely figured checkered walnut stocks with deeply carved empire butts, finished in brown and case colored parts. 99  Item Code ag0130, Price SOLD (GBP) A 15B double barrelled percussion shotgun by H. I'm in the process of making a percussion lock, using files, hand saw, dremel, and some scrap metal that I had laying around. 15" moderately figured wood to leather covered pad. Leman. Percussion reproduction revolvers model 1849 Pocket Pistols, 1851 Navy, 1858 Remington, 1860 Army, 1861 Navy, 1862 Pocket model, Colt Dragoon and much more. Standard Goulcher Lock. Full length walnut stock with checkered grip and trap located in the butt. A back-action type lock was first used, but later, it was changed to the front-action type of lock. Double set trigger. Nock London. The back action lock is embellished with some faint foliate scrollwork and is unmarked although the left barrel flat is clearly marked ''REMINGTON''. Model: pocket percussion pistol Quality scroll and foliage engraving to the back action lock, hammer and tang, Scroll  15 Dec 2014 Sporting and Military Firearms auction at Christies. Top lever side lock action with game scene engraving, darkly figured walnut stock. Right hand only. Barrel is 12 gauge, browned. The pistol has double platinum lines to the breech with platinum vents. The Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods. A 19th Century muzzle loading rifle with side action percussion lock in an oak lined Bland & Co fitted case made pounds 1,200 while a pair of percussion lock pistols with chequered walnut grips and engraved scroll decoration sold for pounds 460. 00 : L & R Back-Action Percussion Lock Back action & Mule ear percussion, right & left hand locks, by L&R Lock Co. The 5 inch, 22 bore smoothbore barrel dated 1845, sharp markings with initials MB below the bolster and barrel bearing the touch/proof marks Crown/M and Crown/S. 28 cal. 95. Military Antique Long Guns · Antique Air Rifles & Misc Antique Long Guns  After each auction of modern sporting guns and antique arms we update this back action locks, engraved dolphin hammers and tang, percussion fences,  The first device, or "lock," for mechanically firing a gun is the matchlock. 00 Description: Serial #119, 10 Gage, 30 Damascus barrels with a bright bore that has very mild pitting near the breech. WHAT CAUSES A CAP TO JAM THE ACTION OF A PERCUSSION COLT. 15080 - Right hand Durs Egg percussion lock - Model 1100P. —Manufacturer of rifles and laminated steel, double-barrel shotguns, 1866-70. rifle with brass mounted, curly maple full stock and single trigger, back-action lock. Back action lock lightly engraved with flowing foliate themes and D. LP0200 L&R SMALL BACK ACTION PERCUSSION LOCK. uk for more The barrel is to a dark patina, the engraved action is with traces of light pitting and it has a A double barrelled 25 bore back action lock percussion pistol by Rigby. Rle. Captive swivel ramrod. Maker of rifles and double-barrel shotguns. Fox patent, side swing double barrel shotgun made in Boston, MA Two Percussion Rifles -A) Heavy Barrel Kentucky Style Rifle with Back Action Lock Two Percussion Rifles -A) Heavy Barrel Kentucky Style Rifle with Back Action Lock Barrel appears to be signed "Eli Clapp," and the lock has "RW/CINCINATTI" Manufacture: Kentucky Model: Percussion BBL: 46 3/4 inch octagon Stock: maple Gauge: 41 Finish: brown Brunswick Rifle Pattern 1836 with back action lock. Picture. Note that the leaf mainspring runs forward into the bar of the action. Accept nothing nearly right or good enough. 423 fits barrel tightly, Sheldon back action lock, Half Stock, Brass butt plate, And Single trigger. 68 caliber, 31-inch steel smooth bore barrel, percussion lock and ramrod. 36 caliber, 39" octagonal barrel with 5. Please see Contact/Terms. LK0909 L & R Left Hand Back Action Percussion Lock. Drums today are an important part of human culture, not just because they speak to a variety of musical heritages, but because it’s said we all carry around a personal rhythm in our beating hearts. Back Action Pistol by Egg. GOULCHER Lock and Barrel & Precision Peep Sight! Here we present an antique Half Stock, Back Action, Heavy Barreled Percussion Long Rifle in . I've always liked the looks of a small pistol with a back action lock and captive ramrod. Nov 17, 2017 · Nice percussion pistol. Cased London Revolvers by Adams ,Tranter. Unsigned, scroll-engraved, back-action percussion mechanism with an engraved lock and hammer: the hammer with a chipped spur. 701. The walnut stock shows some wear and many dings and scratches. Remove the trigger group by loosening the two 3mm hex bolts that secure it to the receiver. Pitting in the bores could be removed with about . When it comes to rare and historic percussion cap pistols, our inventory of black powder percussion pistols is sure to satisfy even the most demanding collector. 12 bore B. Country Hunter. 45 caliber with barrels 3 inches long, an overall length of 7 to 8 inches, a back action percussion lock and patent breech. Not all our stock is on the website. This rifle has what looks to be a replaced Joseph Golcher Lock plate and trigger /hammer assembly. Hapgood. Barrel measures 35" long. Old South Firearms is family owned and operated and we are very knowledgeable concerning our products. Tang marked M. for auction. 505" bore diameter, 8. Watch for more pics as this Cadet grows up. This lock has a stirrup and fly for exceptionally fast ignition time. The gun weighs 6lb 6oz. SIEGFRIED, S. Due to the cost and complexity of building double barrels sets, probably "Damascus" or laminated steel, many percussion and cartridge shotguns of this period were imported from Belgium and marked with the name of the local retailer, not the maker. L & R Schuetzen Percussion Lock. Sweetwater. Like New. , with interchangeable lock and blue, "matt" finished, octagonal barrel, it is the ideal rifle for the new shooter of muzzle loading firearms who wants an inexpensive way to start this pleasant sport. This will free the bolt and allow it to slide through the rear of the receiver. by John M. Single Action Revolver Faster Than Semi Auto Pistol? How and Why - Duration: A back action percussion target rifle, Alps Region, circa 1860. Product was shipped quickly and I had it in plenty of time for Halloween. All I’ve had to do is replace the nipples with the ‘correct’ shape to avoid misfires. Jul 24, 2014 · Whitmore and Wolf Co. Dec 15, 2014 · AN ITALIAN (PIEMONTESE) 17mm PERCUSSION SERVICE MUSKET R. Here’s my tools. Allport" would be Henry who was located in Cork, Ireland. At the time of cataloging, the hammer was able to be cocked back and dropped with a trigger pull, but the piece was not fully tested by EBTH and actual firing condition is unknown. An excellent German and American Schuetzen style lock. The flintlock was a major advancement in firing technology and it stayed active for over one hundred years. H. 40 Caliber by George Goulcher, made circa the 1840s in New York, New York. This short, simple and manageable rifle was the favorite gun of the American farmers. Irish Percussion Travelling Pistol by kavanagh c1835-1840. The rifle features a back action lock and a single set trigger. Appears to be 45 Caliber and weight is approximately 38 lbs. ) The underside of the barrel missing two of its ramrod pipes and retains a wooden ramrod and entry-pipe: the ramrod missing its tip with old damages. A 19th century military Tower percussion musket, marked to lock: 'Crown over VR/1859 Tower', brass Indian inscribed rondel to stock and armoury marking to trigger strap, two band barrel with proof marks, with sling hangers and original ramrod, length 120 c Action has been blued and over all the gun is in great shape and ready for the field. Plate measures 5” x 15/16”. NO RESERVE!! FLAT-RATE SHIPPING WITH TRACKING NUMBER AND INSURANCE TO THE LOWER 48-STATES; NO INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS!! Please consider bidding on this great Vintage Black Powder Birds Eye Maple Pistol Stock, this muzzle loader comes with the Back Action Percussion Cap Lock, trigger assembly and guard, brass A wonderful piece of Early American history. Blued steel butt plate, trigger guard, two barrel bands and barrel end cap all retained by steel locking Originally adopted in 1837 using a back-action percussion system, which was updated in 1847 to a percussion side lock system, and then surpassed in 1853 with the adoption of the P-1853 Percussion Rifled Musket, which became the standard for the entire British Military. 41 caliber, rifled barrel with a casehardened "patent" type, scroll-engraved, two-piece breech. A fine antique 18th Century German ( Bavarian) Military Percussion Rifle, caliber 11 mm, length 133 cm, in very good condition, price 1. Capitalizing on the swivel fitted between the lower hook of the mainspring and the forward arm of the tumbler, this layout allows a faster lock time than with a Boxlock (or back-action sidelock). 65 caliber scroll engraved London back · Antique percussion howdah double barrel damascus gold inlay . 5" round barrel with top flat, no S/N. Here is a percussion lock for sale it has a super Quality! All set up and ready to go! Check out now! Aug 21, 2015 · If I had to guess, I would think that percussion instruments were the first musical devices invented by man. I don't doubt that any of our good "house" gunsmiths could fix'm for you. The back action lock was a later, improved design among locks, which had its spring and mechanism located behind the This will be our Best Sale of the Year & Feature the Estate of Mark K. M. Back action percussion lock m French M1857 Military Percussion Musket . P. ) Our Price: $199. Blitz Lock Lock mounted on top of trigger plate mounted Welcome to L & R Lock Company, authentic recreations of old world design, craftmenship and quality. Lot 166 . I guess she's what you call "a heirloom". The wood is good with fine chequering to the stock. " Sir Henry Royce, co-founder of Rolls-Royce The difference between a Boxlock and a Sidelock. This is clearly reflected in the unique quality of this gun in a lovely, cared for condition. lanyard loop. It’s the Jaco back action design. This is best accomplished by turning the lock over and removing the hammer screw. The back action percussion lock looks to be a British "Trade" lock dating to the 1830's, made by the English Gunsmith WILLIAM MOORE of 78 Edgware Road in London. Compare. Some were subsequently 'modernized' and converted to percussion cap in the early 19th C. There is a right and a left hand lock. Half stock with walnut satin finish. First I started with the tumbler. The stock has an "A" on the left flat and a dot pattern cross on the left side of the butt. This is an attractive back action rifle that has an overall darkly mottled plum-brown patina along the barrel, darkest at the breech, with a darker plum-black patina on the lock and hammer. Sold. Very good overall condition. There is a chip in the right/upper part of the stock, just above the lockplate (please, see pictures). percussion rifle for auction. Box Lock Lock located on front of stock where hammer and mainspring are mounted on box shaped housing. 45-caliber Philadelphia Derringer is a true icon in classic gun history for its small dimensions and role in self-defense. R. 26 inch average wall thickness. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT ABLE TO SHIP ANY GUNS OUTSIDE OF THE UKWE ARE NOT ABLE TO OFFER IN HOUSE POST AND PACKING ON THIS LOT Late full stock back action percussion plains rifle circa 1850s-60s. Bbl. Rifle can be picked up at the Talbot Sheriff's office after notification of ratification by the court. Discover an interesting selection of double barrel shotguns, musket rifles and traditional rifles at Cabela's for a unique shooting experience. The percussion cap was easier to load, more weather resistant and more reliable, so by the time of America's civil war, both Union and Confederate armies used percussion-cap guns exclusively. one piece fancy hardwood stock with brass escutcheon which is supporting the barrel wedge. A very nice Antique 19th Century Austrian Percussion Rifle with rear Diopter sight by FERD. Back action engraved lock with half cock safety. Large pattern percussion hammer. 44 Back Action Lock. Here are some pictures of it; Continue reading » A double barrelled 25 bore back action lock percussion pistol by Rigby. Wood has been refinished with what appears to be a period brass repair in the forearm. When Browning or Blueing, degreasing is probably the most important process you will undertake, This product assists in the removal of unwanted grease and other deposits that can prohibit the correct colouring of steel barrels and parts. But as time a Nov 01, 2017 · Description: Back Action 20 Bore Percussion Belt Pistol, barrel engraved JJWolf, Southampton (maker’s name unclear), lock and hammer engraved with foliage, sprung steel belt hook, swivel ramrod, foliate engraved brass mounts, rounded chequered grip. 50 Hawken and the cock's beak cup didn't align with the drum's nipple. Muzzle end is rounded to accept bullet starter. MANIF. since 1990! Cocker Glasgow Half Stock, Percussion Cap, Back Action Lock Rifle, octagonal barrel measures 31 1/8" long and is not rifled, overall length of rifle is 49 1/2" long. & the Final Installment of the Cletus Klein Collection Amoskeag is Always Seeking Fine Consignments! Call the Office Today to get your Firearms or Military Collectibles into the November Sale! 603-627-7383 98% blue, good bore, very good stock, 11'' barrel, Miniature Percussion Shotgun - Made in Belgian - Back lock percussion Octagon barrel - smooth bore. Pair of Percussion Pocket Pistols Jul 29, 2019 · Guns for Sale - UNKNOWN -- Henry Elwell Back Action Howdah, Browned 8" Double Barrel Percussion Muzzle-Loading Pistol, MFD Mid- Sighted, 3", key-fastened, round, . Civil War Era Percussion Sniper Rifle has back action lock, made in approximately 1860 for the Union Army by J. The lock shows the original darkened casehardened finish. 41 Colt, s/n 168082, revolver, brl length 4. £5. from L & R. This Pennsylvania style rifle stock configuration most likely started life as a Flintlock rifle dating back to possibly the American Revolution of the late 1700s. L & R Model 575 $110. German silver mountings including oval patchbox, pewter fore-end. LO1103 Dixie Early American Jaeger Lock (Perc. — Half stock, late percussion Kentucky rifle with back action lock marked with initials "G. Sep 26, 2012 · AN 18-BORE PERCUSSION SINGLE-BARRELLED SPORTING GUN WITH LEFT-HAND LOCK BY JOHN MANTON & SON, LONDON, SERIAL NO. This lead me to the Denix 19th Century French Percussion Dueling Pistol. blade front and raised notch rear sight. steel ram rod. 69 cal Musket It Is very Similar To The U. The difference between a Boxlock and a Sidelock. No name on lock or barrel. 5" flared octagonal barrel. Oct 04, 2015 · WM. Here's a very unusual handgun. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Italian Made Muzzle Loading Rifle Percussion Complete Lock at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Unidentified. 5cms, barrel 13cms. 28 inch nitro fire twist, Damascus barrels, choked ¼ and ½ . C. This is the percussion version of the L&R Durs Egg and has the same external dimensions for ease of interchange. "H. 19 coin silver inlays with brass furniture including a heart pierced engraved 4 piece patchbox. Jan 24, 2016 · Does anyone happen to have a Brunswick rifle with markings to the 60th Regt, preferably 1st Battalion, 60th Regiment? There is a site (antique arms inc) that has sold four of these, so I am aware of those, but I am really hoping to see one or maybe two from a different source. 5". back action lock. 860 at muzzle. Powder is The flintlock mechanism was designed to push back the lid and spark a flint at the same time. 1835 - The first Colt revolver. Rifle has been shortened at one point in time. Very nice wood and checkering. A nice solid round action from France with the classic double under bite with the rising third bite these Ideal grades are known for. Don't Miss Out on News from Dixie Gun Works! Get the latest information about new products The Back Action Locks Back Action percussion locks were a “late” developed style of lock. The boxlock action uses concealed, self-cocking hammers in a break-open action. H. " and "S. com is open and accepting online orders, but like most retailers, our shipping is slower than normal. The long tang is double bolted to the long bar Double Set Trigger. Mechanics: The action functions correctly. Our Price: $6. inlay . Good condition, some wear overall. Back Action percussion locks were a "late" developed style of lock. Finely engraved sideplate, engraved trigger guard with spur. The items below are offered for sale. /de Mutzig' the Manufacture Royale de Mutzig. Back-Action Lock engraved with floral Auction:14488899 The locks are complete with all the parts. By continuing your visit to our website, you accept the use of Cookies. A recreation of the late Hawken percussion lock for use with a snail breech system. Feb 25, 2012 · This old beast was been passed down from grand-dad to dad, and from dad to me. Civil War Percussion Sniper Rifle. Polished plate inside and out. Single action percussion pocket pistol with gold band at breech and platinum blow out in bolster. 32" octagon measuring 1 1/16" across flats. Circa 1820. ), Christmas Day, New Years Eve Day 16 - *Colt, Single Action Army, *Colt, Single Action Army, . An excellent choice for Southern mountain rifles, late half stocks, and plains rifles. May 16, 2016 · Built a Dixie Gun Works . 6 3/4lbs. Quickview  TP0602 Mainspring - Percussion Back Action (Left Hand 2 3/4"). We have all the shooting accessories & supplies for these guns too. The action functions correctly, but two chambers of the cylinder can be pushed out of lock with a little bit of force. This should probably be addressed prior to firing. Pocket Pistol with Folding Trigger by Powell C. Remove the stock by using a 5mm hex wrench to remove the action mounting screw in front of the trigger guard. Diamond shape nickel insert behind VINTAGE BLACK POWDER Birds Eye Maple Pistol Stock Percussion Lock Muzzleloader - $70. Hapgood" stamped on engraved lock plate. It’s not the most professional looking job but given the tools I have available it’s a challenging project by itself. Custom Single Shot Precussion Target Rifle, made by J. 020 at breech to . New Listing. Engraved forward action percussion lock. Henry Deringer built small pocket sized percussion pistols of about . We offer three different versions of the famous Goulcher percussion locks used on many original caplock guns of the 1830-1860 era. Black Powder Percussion rifle. In the 44 years since, its product line has expanded from percussion revolvers to cartridge revolvers, single-shot and lever-action rifles, and even miniature arms. Blued back action lock plate with maker’s details. The metal surfaces of this rifle are mostly a plum-brown patina showing high edge wear, light pitting and small dings scattered about. We have more Antique Percussion Pistols for sale so please get in touch if you are interested in a particular item. Black Powder Muzzleloading Revolvers for sale at Buffalo Arms Company. There were two Gilmores making rifles during the period of this piece. Being quite late in the evolution of muzzle loaders many good back action lock percussion shotguns had a relatively short working life. Gun has been refurbished and completely gone through by Delbert Whitman (late of Rigby's) and is clean and tidy. The back action locks with chisel engraved lock-plates work well with match Click for more info Originally adopted in 1837 using a back action percussion system, this was updated in 1847 to a percussion side lock system, and then surpassed in 1853 with the adoption of the p-1853 Percussion Rifled Musket, which became the standard for the entire British Military. It's been in my possession since dad passed in 1989, but I remember it sitting in it's place of honor in his gun rack since I were a yonker. from L&R. Back to the top "Strive for perfection in everything. A similar pistol was found in one of Ford Theatre’s boxes in Washington where President Abraham Lincoln was fatally injured by John Wilkes Booth. This is a black powder rifle and no paperwork is required to transfer. 1842. Steel has been cleaned. Please check back regularly as we often have Percussion Revolvers for sale, Pepperbox Pistols for sale and many other interesting Percussion Pistols by quality gunmakers. back action percussion lock for sale

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